Saturday, 31 March 2012

Cupcakes take the Cake!

This weekend the Bakeshop was busy with a wedding cake order for a lovely couple Jay & Steph!
They wanted a cupcake stand topped with an elegant square cake. The colour scheme was purple and white, and the couple wanted hearts to be the main element on the cupcakes. Cupcakes were vanilla sponge with a vanilla buttercream and the top cake was a rich chocolate sponge filled with a decadent chocolate cream, and covered with white fondant.
Congratulations Jay and Steph! We're so glad we got to a part of your special day!

The Bakeshop setting up....

The happy couple!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Birthday POPS!!

Have a look at these super fun Cake Pops i made for one of my best friend's birthdays..... They were fun and colourful, just like she is!

They were a new take on a traditional "Birthday Cake" it had all the traditional elements: cake, icing and candles, but in a whole new way...

 And the best part? They were pink inside! 

Little bites of happiness....

Hope you had a lovely day!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ombre, Ruffle Cakes

Our latest obsession at the Bakesop are Ruffle and Ombre Cakes. ("ombre" is a French term meaning "shaded", usually a muliticoloured stripe, with colours graduating from light to dark.)
We decided to try out a combination of both these ideas in a mini version. 
Presenting....... Mini Ombre Ruffle Cakes!! How adorable!!  

These pink buntings are a simple, but addition to the cakes..... 

The ruffles can be done looser or tighter, neater or messier, depending on the look you're going for. So many variations on one simple idea!

And you get a great surprise when you cut your slice!!


Please contact us if you're interested in ordering these adorable creations!We can customise the colours, size and design to suit your needs.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Vintage High Tea

These red velvet cake pops were ordered for a vintage tea party. We decided to create a vintage tea set on the pops so that they'd go perfectly with the theme. And we loved the end result!!
All decorations were handmade, hand painted and 100% edible...

Pour me a cup please........

This theme would work great on cupcakes as well!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Nothing cuter than a Cake Pop!

Cake pops are increasing in their popularity, and why ever not? Balls of cake and icing on a stick? Who could resist!
Check out this for a cute gift idea :) For only R50 extra, you can receive your order of a dozen cake pops in a glass mini vase with tissue paper and ribbon to match the pops...


These vanilla cake pops were ordered as a birthday gift for a Twilight fan. The colours of the movie (white, black, and red) were used as the inspiration for the design...

Have a look at a variation we did based on the same concept...

Happy Birthday Mum!

A very Happy Belated Birthday to my mum without whom the Bakeshop would not be a success :) Hope you enjoyed celebrating with this yummy dozen! Love you!