Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ombre, Ruffle Cakes

Our latest obsession at the Bakesop are Ruffle and Ombre Cakes. ("ombre" is a French term meaning "shaded", usually a muliticoloured stripe, with colours graduating from light to dark.)
We decided to try out a combination of both these ideas in a mini version. 
Presenting....... Mini Ombre Ruffle Cakes!! How adorable!!  

These pink buntings are a simple, but addition to the cakes..... 

The ruffles can be done looser or tighter, neater or messier, depending on the look you're going for. So many variations on one simple idea!

And you get a great surprise when you cut your slice!!


Please contact us if you're interested in ordering these adorable creations!We can customise the colours, size and design to suit your needs.


  1. This are stunning :) What's the price for one of these?

  2. Thanks! Keep an eye out on our Price list. I will put up prices for these soon :)