Saturday, 24 September 2011


Its a bird! Its a plane! NO! ITS SUPERMAN!!

This weekend the Bakeshop received an order for superman figurines and logos that could be added onto a cake that a client was baking. It was for a young boy's Superman themed birthday party.

These were really fun to make!! All the figurines, as well as the hand-painted logos, are edible.

The two smaller figurines were to add onto the sides of the cake.

The big figurine was about 15cm long. It was going to be positioned on the top of the cake with its legs hanging over. All the figurines had skewers attached to them that would get poked into the cake to ensure they are fixed in position.

Proudly South African!!

Its Heritage Day here in South Africa!! A day where our diverse cultures and backgrounds are celebrated and a time when we think back on our past, look how far our country has advanced, and imagine the possibilities ahead. At Nabeela's Bakeshop we are Proudly South African!

I made this South African Flag cake for the Heritage Day celebrations enjoyed by the staff at the Standard Bank Operations Department.
The rich chocolate coffee cake was a big hit!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lavender Cupcakes

This weekend I noticed my Mum's beautiful lavender in full bloom in her garden, and of course, I had to try out lavender cupcakes!!

I used crushed lavender flowers in the cupcake batter and the whole flowers to decorate them. The aroma was amazing!!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Jewels and Shoes!!

Birthday girl, Lutfiyya, was surprised on Friday night with a 21st partyy!!!!! Her family ordered a cake that would go with their colour scheme, red black and white, and depict the things Lutfiyya loves.
Her love for shoes and jewellery were celebrated with this creation....
Happy Birthday Lutfiyya!!

The jewellery box had a lot of detail. Even a charm bracelet!! And of course, everything was completely edible....

What 21st cake would be complete without a 21st key?!

Look at it Sparkle!

Shoes, feathers and pearls!!
This was a birthday cake that was ordered for 25 year old Fatima by her younger brother. Isn't he the sweetest!

It sparkled and glittered a lot under the lights which made the cake very glamorous!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Surprise!! He's 50!!!

This weekend a lucky man is celebrating his 50th birthday with a surprise party from his wife and children. How lucky can you be?!
The colour scheme I was given was grey, white and blue. I designed it to look like a pile of birthday presents positioned on top of one another.
The cake was a rich and moist buttermilk chocolate and coffee combination, covered in chocolate buttercream.
Decadence at its best..........

With each present having a different pattern, this cake really popped!!

And of course it wouldn't be a present without a bow...............

Growing up!!!

Busy start to the weekend at Nabeela's Bakeshop!!
We had an order for Ummarah who celebrated her 12th birthday on Tuesday.
I decided on a cake that would show off everything that she's started to get interested in, now that she's growing up. High heels, lipstick, purses....... All those things that make us love being girls!!

I gave the entire cake a quilted effect to add texture and dimension to it. What do you think?

Little Miss "All Grown Up" !!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Open up a box of Happiness!!

A friends birthday? An anniversary? Or just want to make someones day? Instead of sending them flowers why not send them an assortment of mini cakes.
These little delights can be made to suit just about any theme or occasion, and are sure put a smile on any face.
I made these as a birthday gift for Haajira on her 22nd birthday.....

Princess Chloe!

Little Chloe celebrated her 8th birthday on the 3rd of September. Her mum ordered a a cake from me that was fit for her princess, a castle!! 
She wanted it to be really girly and ,of course, something that Chloe would love and be fascinated with. And I think I was pretty successful! :) I had so much fun making this one!! Thanks Paulette! :)

Here's a look at Princess Chloe posing with her cake......

Jewels and Pearls

14 on the 14th!! Its a crown birthday! Usraa recently celebrated her 14th birthday with a surprise dinner party. Being her crown birthday, I thought it would be perfect to make a jewel (sugar crystal) encrusted crown. I wanted it to be as elegant as the decor at the dinner so I gave the entire cake a quilted effect and added pearls and feathers, the epitome of elegance. 

The gorgeous birthday girl.......

And the beautiful table setting..........


Cake pops, made famous by Bakerella (visit her site at are the latest trend taking over the baking and dessert world. Basically they're little balls made out of a combination of cake and buttercream. they can be made in just about any flavour, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream, red velvet with a cream cheese icing, and the list could go on and on........... They're bites of heaven!!
Here are a few I tried out.......

Whats in the box??

Everyone loves receiving presents! And everyone loves cake!! This cake was a perfect combination of both......a gift box cake! 
There are so many ways this design can be varied, or done in different colours, depending on who the special birthday girl/boy is... 
And the large rectangular base meant that there was more than enough cake to go around at the party! Yumm!!

And, of course, no gift is complete without a big bow! :)

Monday, 5 September 2011

A Princess Turns 4!!

Every little girl dreams about being a princess. Little Zahra got to live out that dream for a day, when her mum threw her a princess themed birthday party. But a princess must have a castle!! So i made her a whimsical princess castle complete with fairies, jewels, and sparkles**